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      A serial killer by the name of 'The Cellphone Killer' has designed a game for the reveal of his identity. They take teens between the ages of fifteen and eighteen to a digital world where they must play their game to discover who done it? With no memories these teens must rely on their natural skills to defeat the Game Maker before their 21st birthday or else its game over.


      With each clue the team finds themselves closer and closer to the end truth, but is it really the truth they were looking for? This mystery filled world soon begins to fall apart with the twist and turns of the Cellphone Killer’s own design with a little help from human nature itself.


      Will they get out? Will they Survive? And will they discover who the Cellphone Killer truly is? Read The Rules Are Simple: Survive to find out.

The Rules Are Simple:


The Cellphone Killer has been caught, but the Game continues. Nothing is, what it seems, and no one can be trusted, at least that’s one of the options our new players believe. With no cellphones, no names, and no memories a fresh cast of players enter the legendary Game.

      With new players, a new map, and new rules the players are in for an adventure with familiar faces scattered across the world. Despite all the changed aspects it’s still the Game and with the Game comes one rule, get out!

     Will the second generation of players be able to defeat the Game Maker’s challenge or will they fall to the second Game and reach. . .


The Rules Are Simple:


three angels.jpg

The Three Angels and the

Seven Deadly Sins

My name is Terrance Homwell, and I'm eighteen-years-old. I just graduated from high school.


"What are you doing?"


Shh! I'm trying to set up my hero origin story here. Don't mind her..... that's just Luci. She's one of the voices in my head.


"Do we really have time for this?"


Just let me have this, Orion! I'm trying to explain the story!.... Okay, where was I?


Oh, yeah.


My name is Terrance Homwell. I'm eighteen-years-old and I just graduated from high school. Like all good adventure stories, our hero has been thrown smack-dab into trying to prevent the end of the world. With the voices in my head and my father's shotgun, I'm off to find the Seven Deadly Sins before they blow Gabriel's Horn.



I've read The Maze Runner by James Dashner, which is slightly similar at the beginning, but the mystery there was too much and too pointless. The suspense and confusion held over so many books killed my interest. You, on the other hand, kept me begging for more by ending the story like that while solving the original mystery too. Your story deserves more fame than the entire Maze Runner series. 

Such a good book. The author does an amazing job of giving background information on the characters. Kept me interested throughout the whole book. A lot of plot twists but not too many that you get confused and lost. I would read this many more times and recommend to family. The ending leaves you on your toes and dying to read the next book! Can't wait to read another book by this author.


User: InsanelyWise


User: Madison Griesser

so... I love the story since the beginning all the sarcastic really interesting comments gives it a little bit of a flavor (if you know what I mean ;) as always your characters have this mechanism that leads to a really complex plot line that involves all the feelings that I, personally, search when I read. 


Valentina Solano



Cincinnati Enquirer Article:




Meet Stevie Chandler, a younger writer from Cincinnati Ohio.


Stevie has been telling stories since she could remember however, she didn’t start writing down anything till her sophomore year in high school. Since then Stevie has been writing ever chance she can. From short-story contests to Nanowrimo, Stevie has tried her hand at everything.


In 2012, Stevie began with writing fanfiction and eventually began to develop her own stories. Although her first few attempts were less than her standards,Stevie kept pushing herself. She knew that it was only a first draft.

 Stevie continued to expand her writing skills and worked every day to develop her skill. With the support of her family and friends, Stevie managed to complete her first novel and then several more following.


The Rules Are Simple: Survive is Stevie’s first novel published by a company. A novel she began in the summer of 2013. It took two years to produce the final product, the beginning of a three part series.



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